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What Should You Look for in a Satellite Internet Provider? 

Not sure what makes one satellite internet provider better than the rest? 

The good ones will give you:

1.  Your choice of Bandwidth

Satellite Internet service doesn’t come with quite as many options as DSL does, but a good provider will have enough variety so that you can get something that works perfectly for you.  You should be able to find a speed that works for both your needs and your budget.  If you can’t, keep looking!

2.  Complete security

A satellite internet provider will beam your internet signal from their dish, up into space to another satellite, and back down into the dish at your home or office.  While it may sound like your information will be travelling all over the place, a good provider will be able to work with your firewall so the connection is just as safe as cable or DSL.  (In fact, a good satellite internet provider will set everything up to correspond with your provider.)

Plus, a good provider will also work hard to protect you from viruses and other cyber threats.  They’ll monitor your service 24/7 so that they can take a proactive approach to threats, instead of a reactive one.

3.  Total support

A good satellite Internet provider will be happy to have an engineer answer your questions over the phone 24/7.  And, they’ll have a complete account for you to log into with a FAQ section that can answer some of your more basic questions.  That way, you may be in a rural area, but you won’t feel like you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere!

4.  Little latency

When you have satellite Internet service, you are always going to have to deal with the speed of light – so there is always going to be some latency.  However, a good satellite internet provider will make sure you have as little latency as possible.  (Here’s a hint: anything over half a second is too much!)

5.  Affordable rates

Great providers understand that you don’t have an endless amount of money to spend.  So, they’ll make their service a real option for even the smallest of businesses.  That means you should easily be able to find service that costs less than $100 per month (or even $50 per month!).

6.  Easy installation

Even though there is a dish and a modem involved, getting your satellite Internet service up and running isn’t hard.  In fact, it’s no more difficult than installing satellite TV.  A good provider will send an engineer out to handle everything so that you’re up and running as quickly and as easily as possible.

7.  Lots of email accounts

Whether you’re running a small business or looking for internet service that the entire family can use, everyone needs their own email address.  If your provider can’t give you 5 to 10 email addresses – and a spam filter to go with each one – you can do better!


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